ParMa provides several ways to define and read parameter settings for ABM and therefore facilitates the organisation of model parameter settings.

A Note on Parameter Management

In simulation it is important to associate simulation results with the correct set of parameters that were applied to produce these results. A practical way to achieve such a bounding is as follows:

  • Store your parameters in a Database and assign a unique id to each parameter set.
  • Store your results in a database and assign a unique runID to each simulation run.
  • Define a database table that maps runIDs to parameter set IDs. It is also recommended to store additional information about the model implementation used (e.g. the revision number).Run Information Management

    Of course, there are tools to support such an approach:

  • This ParameterManager supports reading parameter sets from a database using a specific parameter set id.
  • The RsDbOutputter enables outputting results to a database and optionally automatically creates rows in a table that map runIDs to parameter set IDs (run information table).